You want to know about me?
I'm like a floating weed.
I have no roots and no leaves.
I just drift in the wind.
The destiny that was laid down for me
Has been completed

Madame Saddayako

The daily bite  (original title)

Breathing, drinking, sleeping and some more, are the daily necessities to live. To this range surely also belongs EATING. However much we may take the daily routines of fill up for granted  -perhaps even overlook-  , dwell on it a little longer can be fairly matched with apparent more spectacular activities.

My original choice was the food, which Fumika prepares for us on a daily basis. Today she confessed, that the average Japanese eats more modest than I do. I only can confirm, that I enjoy her food every time again without any exception. No doubt, she already discovered the connection stomach & love some time ago.

I hardly started with the writing of this introduction when reality already thwarted my intended exclusive ode to Fumika. I deviated straight away from my former fixed goal and begin this mini-series with pictures of food, with which we celebrated the day, when we confessed us to each other, so to speak. I would love to write about that day, but Fumika refuses strictly to share our details in public.

One picture followed the other. Just these days it appears, that we deviate from our pattern, eating at home. That’s how it is. The subject shifts. Like a peep-show, but with a much broader scope, one can look through our gullet from the inside to the outside observing the tasteful live of a married couple in Japan. Observing through a gullet for a change, being quite different than peering through a keyhole or a tiny hole in the wall of a bathroom.

With this changed focus I discharge myself from the obligation to compete with the over-perfect photographs of and detailed descriptions of receipts from ‘the’ Japanese kitchen, which adorn magazines and cooking books. Anyhow such professionalism is a bridge to far for me and at the same time I keep future paths free for further reconnoitering and I get rid of pretentions.

Dull ?

That remains to be seen.

Notr:OK, admitted, some of the pictures, that by the way have all been taken by our reporters on site, are regretably not of top quality. Or, when the adrenaline is prevailing over rational thinking and the viewfinder of the camera sometimes shows something different than the finished picture and on top of that the autofocus seems to live a life of its own.
Add to this that the webmaster of this site (Boudewijn, that is) is an awkward and crude character, who blunders with what he calls a photo-editor, so that the result of some photo cuts could wrongly be mistaken for the cutting-art of a dementing person, who finds himself in the last stage of Parkinson disease.
Forgive us our amateurism. Whoever can do better can always get him- or herself known to us. 
Which means that we are really doing our very best and that meanwhile we are having a truly good time, but that the results you can see not always reflect fully our efforts.
You herewith are warned!

A lunch
Breakfast - Lunch - Eveningmeal
Lunch at Sakawa
Kaiten sushi
Majestic nature
Kanazawa - Daiba
Kanazawa - Fishmarket
Yamanaka ryokan