KANAZAWA           “  D A I B A  “,  an izakaya

In the beginning of June, 2007, we were in Kanazawa. See also the connected story: “unwritten rules”.

Fair is fair, it has to be said, we ate there even more than excellent. A weak adumbration of it follows in word and images.

DAIBA [meaning something like ‘place’] has a magnificent ambiance, which I was not allowed to photograph. Much hard stone and large spaces were used. Limiting myself to  the food, the management would not object.

Already the entrée of this izakaya made us decide to enter

The recommendations of the day confirmed our decision.

Under inside the wooden container is rice. The topping is sashimi with shiso-leaves; the joint name goes as chirashizushi. Front: shoyu.

                     We sat at a mighty stone counter [see also next pictures].

Nigirizushi; to the right green wasabi
Grilled cow tongue. We almost ate everything, fascinated by all delicious food, just realizing ourselves on time, that photographs ‘had’ to be taken.
The rose dots are from the [good luck] tai fish.
Fish-miso-soup with ‘vongole’ [shell] and neggi [chive].
Pickles, pices of aubergine, carrot, daicon, cucumber and Chinese cabbage.

White wine matches perfect.

Sashimi set.
Sashimi set.