29 May 2007

“Stop writing. You have to change your mind. Shall we visit the Akita dog ?”

In Haruno, the extended, rural neighboring municipality of the city of Kochi, Fumika discovered some years ago a cheap, small restaurant by accident, where eating outside feels good.
In a far too small kennel for the big, white haired animal stands a curious dog. The race is connected to one of the northern prefectures: Akita. When we come to eat over here, we always greet him [her?] first.
The restaurant can be found at a stone’s throw of J A, the Japanese agricultural cooperation with impressive halls where products of the surrounding fields and ‘vinylhouses’ are collected and transported further by large, modern trucks.
One also can find a shop without finery with fresh vegetables and fish: many numbers and reasonably priced, straight from farmers and the fisher-boats one could say.

Let’s return to the eating table:
This time they had one of my favorites: fried oyster.
Salad with a dressing from the house, tomato, parsley, fresh crispy slices of cabbage, lettuce and cucumber.
In the small closed, black bowl, up left, miso soup.
Up right: rice.
Takuan, [yellow] in sour marinated pickles and a small piece of aubergine.
Cooked Surimi, a kind of ‘minced’ fish, slices of carrot and black salsify.
Yokan: sweet beans paste.  

Akita dog

Akita dog
Akita dog
halfway a steep hill
Entrance. One can also eat inside. The noren [textile in front of the entrance] shows the name of this family restaurant: Marufuku. Fuku means ‘hapiness’.Maru means ‘round’, which reinforces the meaning of ‘maru’.
Set menu
Set menu

miso soup; the straw roof above us has been reflected by accident.

           ! The straw roof can be better seen than the soup !