It’s now the third Sunday in May, Fumika mused, which means that today there will be the Bonito Matsuri  [bonito festival] in Nakatosa.

Shall we ?

The small town lies some 40 kilometers west of Kochi-city at a bowl-like bay. For this festival a two ton bonito was supplied. Agreeable weather, a lot of people, a day of leisure for the whole family. Monday’s Asahi Shimbun reported 20.000 visitors.

Writing about eating, the question becomes obvious: where do all those delicacies come from ? Among others from Nakatosa [‘Naka’ means west; ‘Tosa’ being the historical name for the region] and other communities along this Pacific Ocean coastline.

tako [octopus]
konbu [seaweed] 
itadori  [Japanese pipe]  
below-left: tai [‘happy fish’]
links: tachiuo
second from the left: tai      
third from the left: isegi   
fourth from the left: gure
top-right: bonito
[top: tai]
[right: isegi]
ika         [squid]
hirago      [dried fish which Fumika eats as a 'pomme frite']
bonito tataki  [briefly put into the flames of a straw-fire]

foto 38
(above: picture 38)

grilled by the festival-staff. in the background of photo 38 a torii [entrance of a temple].