The   REWARD    after a hard day’s toil and moil:   the KAITEN SUSHI

After a day toiling outside, we reward ourselves with a so called ‘sushi train’ in Kochi-city. The delicacies glide along on eyelevel. Color and the design of the small plates represent the price. After finishing dinner a pile of plates will be translated into the bill.

After finishing one’s meal: de different colored plates represent the various prices.
At the background all delicacies glide along. The taps deliver hot water; green tea bags are for free, hashi [chopsticks], packed in paper, likewise.

Inside the conveyor-belt in a rectangle the staff prepares all sushi.

onion, neggi and garlic.

tunny sushi [an expensive piece of the fish; the second most expensive plate]

tachi uo sushi. To the right: pine apple.
tai sushi  on a mini platform, which means: specially recommended.
tuna sushi         Top: nishi gai [shellfish]. The wooden little box contains free slices of ginger.
unagi sushi [eel]
miso soup [seaweed, small mushroom, shell fish]
Termination of our enjoyments: a visualized bill.
Left under: free green tea bags. Further: box with ginger slices, hotwater tap, sweet shoyu, teeth sticks and the shoyu which we use always.
Speaks for itself.