Een LUNCH in Sakawa

When we visit our property in Kage [hamlet in Tosa Kamo, municipality Sakawa], we buy most of the time stuff for the lunch-break at Lawson’s [24 hours open] in order to feed our tired bodies.
sandwich corner
Soft, white bread in a triangleform. [My choice is invariably egg and tuna]
my favorite when I work on our land. During my early years, van Houten was well known, but financially inaccessible. Now van Houten chocolate milk is obtainable at Lawson’s: delicious for lunch, oh sweet taste of nostalgia.

other favorites: aloe drink and aloe yoghurt
Fumika’s ‘wrong’ choice, which she allows herself when we work together on our land: potato chips with nori.
protein juice.  Is supposed to be healthy.
but:  not my cup of tea