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Japan (Nipon, Nippon, Nihon) - the land of the gods.


    Even as I wander on my journey

    It always stays above me in the sky

    This moon at dawn,

    This moon I gazed on in the Capital.

    Lady Sarashina - Heian-Kyo 1048

    (Excerpt from "As I crossed a bridge of dreams" by Ivan Morris - ISBN 0-14-044282-0)

    Photo Frantisek Staud

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    Many of the beautiful pictures on this and the next pages are from Frantisek Staud ( Frantisek has a website filled with loads of gorgeous pictures of Japan. His work touched me in my soul, reason why we made an agreement and I obtained permission to include some of his pictures on this site. The best thing one can do is of course visit Japan firsthand, but for all those who will never go that far or those who just love beautiful photographs, a visit to Frantisek's site is a must.  

    Tea ceremony in Kyoto (foto: Frantisek Staud)

    Also, you will encounter every now and then a water color painting. These are made by Koban-san (mister policeman, that is, as we will call him for now).
    Undoubtebly you will agree with me that koban-san is a very talented artist, although paintng is just a hobby for him. Besides being a policeman, koban-san is also a priest-to be. A shinto priest that is. You'll probably understand this a bit better after reading through Sakawa monogatari, elsewhere on this site.

Enjoy the reading, Boudewijn.

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